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How 3-D Imaging Helps Archaeologists Preserve the Past

National Geographic Explorer and Archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo and Archaeologist Carlos Wester La Corre have been working on the north coast of Peru for decades. They’ve focused on a large complex of pyramids called Chotuna-Chornancap, which was built by the Sicán, or Lambayeque, around 750 AD. The pyramids were a seat of power for at least three civilizations: the Sicán, Chimú, and Inca.

Castillo and Wester use technologies such as drones to survey large areas in a short amount of time, and even build models to assess possible site damage. “I can fly many, many hectares around this site and develop a map in probably 20 minutes,” said Castillo. "By tonight, I will have my three dimensional model, and tomorrow morning I will have a completely developed assessment of what to do to prevent damage produced by water."

Text Source: National Geographic
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