Our human story is being lost.

With your help, GlobalXplorer° will strive to discover and protect our shared human story. Using satellite imagery, we can fight the loss of our cultural heritage.

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On any given day, it's estimated that10,000+looted artifacts are for sale on the black market.

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Satellite imagery is a powerful tool.

Satellite imagery gives us a new tool in the global fight to protect our cultural heritage. Become a space archaeologist and document threats to ancient sites. Help authorities get there first.

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Join the expedition and explore Peru.

Our first expedition takes us to Peru, home of Machu Picchu and the Nasca Lines. With your help, we hope to reduce looting and encroachment, as well as discover and protect sites.

Photography by:
  • Robert Clark
  • George F. Mobley
  • Satellite images ©2019 by DigitalGlobe, Inc.