GlobalXplorerº lets the world take part in the largest archaeological mapping project in history. Our goal: to use the power of the crowd to uncover millions of unknown ancient sites. The $1 million TED Prize will provide the seed funding for this venture, supporting the development of the basic interface. But we need so much more to make this platform a key tool for preserving and protecting our shared global history. 

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The Platform.

Help us gamify the platform + build a vibrant online community.

All around the world, people adore online games like World of Warcraft which let them have adventures while connecting with others. At the same time, citizen science projects have taken off, revolutionizing our ability to do massive research. Imagine if the GlobalXplorer° platform combined the best elements of both? Help add functionality to our interface — from special badges for bold explorers to online chatting in multiple languages to educator tools. Help us reach our goal of one million active GlobalXplorers° by 2018.

Training Schools

Help us create GlobalXplorer° field schools.

We have overlooked the best possible resource in protecting archaeological sites: the people who live near them. If, like us, you believe in building strategic partnerships and care deeply about enhancing economic opportunity in vulnerable areas, consider supporting GlobalXplorer° field schools. Help us train local antiquities stakeholders in the Middle East and North Africa to protect the sites and treasures in their area. Stop looting, while bridging the disconnect between communities and ancient sites.

The Satellite

Help us launch Caelus, a satellite designed for archaeology.

Space archaeology has specific needs, and a satellite built to meet them would whittle the time required to map the Earth’s surface from 10 years to about 18 months. Yes, building a satellite is expensive. But as we witness the destruction of ancient sites around the world, it’s clear that we can't wait. Help us create and launch this satellite, Caelus. Because with GlobalXplorers° to analyze its imagery and data, we’ll be able to use this information in ways we never imagined. 

The Institute

Help us build the Institute for Archaeological Innovation.

The biggest advances in archaeology have nothing to do with trowels; they piggyback on advances in science and technology. Do you think archaeologists could advance their work by mingling with designers, engineers, software developers, and even chefs? So do we. Help us establish a center where we can create innovative solutions for the protection and preservation of archaeological sites. No center like this exists, so we just might name it for you.

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